Welcome to the Vth edition of the International Conference New trends in environmental and materials engineering

Galati, Romania


23.10.2019 – WEDNESDAY, 04:00 PM - Registration, Ground Floor, Building M, North Wing (AN), Room AN 007, 111th Domneasca Str.

24.10.2019 – THURSDAY, 08:00 AM - Registration, Opening ceremony and Plenary lectures, Oral session and Poster session (see Annex) Building D, Floor I, 111th Domneasca Str.

25.10.2019 – FRIDAY, 10:00 AM - Trip on the Danube River

Presentation Instructions

Any accepted paper should be presented by one of the authors, otherwise it cannot be referenced as published at TEME 2019 Conference.

The working language of the Conference is English and this will be used for all presentations and discussions.

Time Allocation

All oral presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes. This period includes your presentation, time for questions, and time to change speakers. Plan to speak for 15 minutes, allow 4 minutes for questions and 1 minutes to switch speakers. In order to keep the conference on schedule and to accommodate delegates who want to move between sessions, session chairs will be instructed to strictly enforce the time schedule.


Each room will be equiped with a video projector and a PC computer. If it is necessary, you may use your personal laptop but you must notify the technical personel before the begining of the session. Conference computers have installed the Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Version 2003) and Adobe Acrobat (Version 9) software, and therefore presentations in these formats or earlier will be accommodated. Use only normal PowerPoint file (.ppt)

Authors are asked to bring their slide presentation stored on a USB memory Stick or on a CD ROM. We will use only PCs and Mac users should check if their presentations are correctly converted.

General Instructions

Ten minutes before your session commences, you should meet with the Session Chair and the other speakers in your session room. We recommended to upload your slides ten minutes before the start of the session. The technical personel will be in the lecture room to assist you. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to load the presentation onto the conference computer and ensure the presentation operates properly.

Contact us

For further information and correspondence you can contact: PhD Geanina Laurenţia PINTILIE

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The conference agenda

  • Receiving the application and the paper abstract
  • Deadline for abstracts submission
  • Time of conference